Someone just gave Toronto’s subway map an impressive redesign

At first glance, the TTC's schematic map — you know, that diagram of the subway you see at stations and in official city documents — is... fine? It's fine. It's whatever.Through the eyes of a design pro, [Read entire story]

Greektown LCBO hosts job fair

A hiring blitz is underway at the liquor store near Danforth and Broadview avenues. The LCBO at 200 Danforth Ave. is looking to hire part-time, temporary employees for the summer. The fair, which is open to [Read entire story]

Cannabis producers caught off guard by Health Canada’s ‘disruptive’ new application requirements

Alberta cannabis producers say new federal rules restricting licence applications are a blow to aspiring growers. [Read entire story]

Support for legalized recreational cannabis dropping among Canadians, new study suggests

A new study suggests Canadians aren’t embracing cannabis with the same pre-legalization enthusiasm, and uncertainty is also growing over this fall’s rollout of edibles. [Read entire story]

Agatha Patricia Schroeder lived a full life right up to age 105:Scarborough woman loved everyone and everyone loved her back

Scarborough woman loved everyone and everyone loved her back [Read entire story]

Aslan is the Etobicoke Humane Society Pet of the Week:Ginger cat is shy but affectionate

This week’s Etobicoke Humane Society Pet of the Week is Aslan, a large, affectionate three-year-old ginger cat. [Read entire story]

PHOTO SHOOTS: The art of the tattoo on Bloor Street shows off some fine needle work

The Red Dragon Tattoo Parlour was established in 2011. [Read entire story]

Starting a conversation on mental health important for all cultures:Let’s make it good to speak about suicide, says Sherene Farah

Suicide is a real part of life. Suicide is also a term many of us are afraid to talk about. Just the thought of saying the actual word can instill fear of having brought it to consciousness and wondering if by [Read entire story]

No meat, gluten or corn for Toronto Beach chef:Miss Mo’s Vegan Kitchen planning third pop-up event

Miss Mo’s Vegan Kitchen is a personal chef/catering service that is entirely plant based as well as gluten- and corn-free. [Read entire story]

Townhouses to replace detached homes on Willowdale street:40 to 48 Hendon Ave.

An application has been submitted to the city to demolish five homes and build townhouses on a Willowdale street. [Read entire story]

Etobicoke Humane Society seeks forever homes for hoarded cats:Black cats most difficult to adopt ‘because some people feel superstitious’

Ned Stark, Arya, Catelyn, Petyr, Theon, Eddard and Jon Snow all won — not control of the Seven Kingdoms, but a new lease on life. [Read entire story]

Toronto neighbourhood is cutting down on plastic in a big way

It's no secret that plastic waste is doing a number on our planet and the many creatures we share it with, but a single human being can't save the world from six decades worth of pollution — not on their own, [Read entire story]

Hundreds line up for Travis Scott Jordan 1 shoes in Toronto

Toronto's ever-popular Jordans store is raffling off some of Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1's, and people are going crazy for it. A huge line has formed outside the store, located at 306 Yonge Street. Those [Read entire story]

Two of Toronto’s favourite local stores just announced they’re closing

Two of Toronto's most beloved indie businesses dropped a double whammy when they both announced they'd be closing over the weekend.TKVO on Dundas West, and Crywolf on Ossington, two local favourites, are closing.In fact, [Read entire story]

The racial divide in Toronto has reached historic highs

Toronto has long taken great pride in its unparalleled levels of ethnic diversity, and with good reason.Multiculturalism is one of our city's best known positive attributes and evidence of its influence [Read entire story]

The Best Vintage and Designer Handbags in Toronto

The best vintage and designer handbags in Toronto can be found at a variety of retailers catering to fashionistas of all types. If your knock-off bags aren't cutting it anymore, head to one of these boutiques to find [Read entire story]

Toronto’s free movie festival by the lake was just cancelled after almost a decade

Summer event season in Toronto is on the horizon, but one annual favourite won't be returning this year as Sail-In Cinema calls it quits."After 8 years of hosting Sail-In Cinema, PortsToronto has [Read entire story]

Toronto bars are open until 4 a.m. this week

It's Canadian Music Week in Toronto and with it comes extended last call at music venues, clubs and bars across the city. From May 6 to 12, you'll be able to rock out to your favourite Canadian [Read entire story]

Toronto artist determined to keep retro charms of Galleria Mall alive:Shari Kasman’s photos dedicated to timeless shopping plaza

The Galleria Mall at Dupont and Dufferin streets is expected to undergo a massive transformation. Before that happens, artist Shari Kasman wants to give the Galleria its due and has published a book of photos of the [Read entire story]

Oshawa cannabis store operator loses thousands after failing to open in April

A month after pot shops began opening in Ontario the doors for Fabulous Leaf in Oshawa remain closed. [Read entire story]

The impact of journalism at its best is felt, not seen

Being in a newsroom teaches you one thing quickly — good news usually starts from something very, very bad. It starts when something under the surface is exposed, its harm shown. Only then does work toward something [Read entire story]

Fitzroy Gordon, who launched Black-owned radio station G98.7 FM, dies at age 65

Fitzroy Gordon, whose death was announced this week, was a prominent figure within the Toronto radio scene. [Read entire story]

Lot severance requests divide neighbours in Long Branch

Rob Thompson’s 1939 bungalow has a sweet, cottagey facade befitting its position across the street from Lake Ontario. [Read entire story]

6 Jane’s Walk Festival journeys where you can see more of Scarborough:Free excursions return to the area from May 3 to 5

Toronto’s annual Jane’s Walk Festival returns from Friday May 3 to Sunday, May 5. Jane Jacobs, the author and urban activist for which it’s named, would have much to say about Scarborough these days. Probably, so do [Read entire story]

Want some good Karma? Adopt her from the Etobicoke Humane Society:Karma is a chatty black ‘tripod’ cat looking for a quiet home

This week’s Etobicoke Humane Society Pet of the Week is Karma, a chatty black cat. [Read entire story]

PHOTO SHOOTS: Skateboarders spring into action in rolls out on Eighth Street

It’s a sure sign of spring in Etobicoke when skateboarders roll into action at the Eighth Street Skate Park. [Read entire story]

After 32 years, the Bach Children’s Chorus is a Scarborough success:Bon Voyageurs! concert on May 11

The May 11 show at Toronto Centre for the Arts, Bon Voyageurs! features Acadian and French-Canadian songs. [Read entire story]

The Meadoway trail takes shape through Scarborough, but lacks funds:Toronto and Region Conservation Authority needs $85 million

The Meadoway is coming, but no one knows exactly when. Announced a year ago, the project has a logical goal: link Rouge National Urban Park in Scarborough with Don River Valley trails people can follow south to [Read entire story]

Mysterious pink building is going to be Toronto’s new cookie dough cafe

The best part of making cookies is always licking the spoon, and now Toronto is getting an entire cafe devoted to the taboo treat of raw cookie dough.It'll be located at 719 Queen West in a bright pink building for six [Read entire story]

Cherry blossoms are about to bloom outside U of T’s Robarts Library

Spring has officially sprung here in Toronto—the first of the city's sakura cherry blossom trees have begun to open.The University of Toronto's grove of bright pink flowers planted outside the Robarts Library are [Read entire story]

Toronto cat loves to ride the TTC

Have you ever wished you could put a leash on your cat and walk him like a dog? Or bring him to work for the day? Or set him on top of a pinball machine while you hang out with friends at a bar?Trying to do any of these [Read entire story]

Toronto vegans taking Walmart and Home Depot to court over mouse traps

They may sound more "humane" than your traditional, spring-loaded, snapping type of mouse trap, but glue traps — which lock live rodents into place with powerful adhesives — are anything but kind.In fact, [Read entire story]

Another Toronto condo project was just cancelled and people are upset

Yet another condo project in Toronto has fallen to a sudden cancellation, screwing over condo-buyers and investors alike. The Step, a pre-construction condo project near Islington and Finch, has been [Read entire story]

The private photo booth pictures you took at the Drake Hotel were totally public

Automated photo booths really tend to bring out the wild side in people, especially people who are drinking.I know this from experience, and also because I looked at hundreds of pictures this week that were taken, [Read entire story]