Hundreds of ‘perfectly good boots’ trashed at Yellowknife dump, people snatch them up

Where are they from? Why are they there? Crates full of steel-toe boots showed up at the Yellowknife dump last week. Now they're almost gone. [Read entire story]

New Waterford basketball team slip makes America’s Funniest Home Videos final 3

The string of pratfalls that was the comedic highlight of this year's New Waterford Coal Bowl Classic in Nova Scotia will be seen by millions of TV viewers. [Read entire story]

Mint’s newest coin showcases famous Falcon Lake UFO encounter in Manitoba

The Royal Canadian Mint's newest offering features Manitoba's most famous UFO encounter, which happened in 1967 when Stefan Michalak went looking for precious metals near Falcon Lake. [Read entire story]

Newfoundlander finds homegrown solution for BBQ brush health hazard

Jason Janes didn't want a BBQ brush bristle stuck in his throat, so he came up with his own homegrown scraper that has led to a business on the verge of booming. [Read entire story]

Five Calgary city councillors talk about their real names

Five members of Calgary city council use a name in their political life that doesn't always line up with their birth certificate. [Read entire story]

‘Its hooves came within 6 inches of my eyes,’ Quebec senior says of terrifying encounter with ox

Laura Chouinard's encounter with the runaway ox had her gripped by fear. But in the midst of the battle she resolved, "I am not going to die today." [Read entire story]

Distressed seabird rallies after dinner and a warm bed in Newfoundland home

When Antje Springman spotted something huddled outside her home, she thought it was one of her chickens. It turned out to be a Great Cormorant. [Read entire story]

Watch as a Saskatchewan woman saves the day for a perplexed porcupine

A Saskatchewan woman's helping hand — or window scraper — has gone viral this week, with a video showing her assist a beleaguered porcupine garnering more than 1.2 million views on Facebook. [Read entire story]

Mickey Mouse display earns Canadian balloon twisting team 5 world awards

A team of Canadian balloon twisters earned five awards at the World Balloon Convention in California this month for their Mickey and Minnie Mouse as Romeo and Juliet design. [Read entire story]

How a package to ‘a farm situated up a long drive with cows’ got to its destination

A New Zealand mail carrier made it her mission to deliver a package that was vaguely addressed to "Phil and Kay," located "opposite Cust pub or thereabouts." [Read entire story]

How a $5 roadside tortoise turned into a Halifax icon

Gus has been captivating visitors to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History for more than seven decades. [Read entire story]

79-year-old ballet dancer finds way to live out childhood dream

As a child, Fay Richardson wanted to dance, with the grace and movement of ballet captivating her. Now, at 79-years-old, she's doing just that. [Read entire story]

Bomb scare at Windsor cultural centre turns out to be forgotten ghost-hunting device

It turns out a small black box with a dangling red wire and little blue light investigated by Windsor's bomb squad Tuesday isn't actually dangerous — at least to the living. [Read entire story]

P.E.I. grandmother keeps snowball in her freezer for more than a decade

It's not often people want to hang onto winter, but a Summerside, P.E.I. woman has kept a piece of it in her freezer for over a decade: a snowball in a ziplock bag. [Read entire story]

Egyptian alchemist’s recipe brings ancient beer to life in Winnipeg

An idea that began when a classicist went to a brewery to sip beers and ponder the history of hops has brought to life an ancient ale. [Read entire story]

Giant, record-class walleye caught and released near Dryden, Ont.

A man from Dryden, Ont., caught and released a fish that he says could have challenged a 70-year-old record for walleye last weekend. [Read entire story]

Weird, cute big-eyed sugar gliders: the new pet craze

Sugar gliders — cute little marsupials from Australia and Indonesia — are an up-and-coming exotic pet in Atlantic Canada. But are they as sweet as they look? [Read entire story]

Italian photographers showcase ‘top model’ chickens in new coffee table book

Matteo Tranchellini and Moreno Monti created a coffee table book called CHICken to showcase the natural beauty of the ubiquitous birds. [Read entire story]

25 years later, Johnny Cash fan searches for lost photo with music legend

Twenty-five years after meeting Johnny Cash, a Newfoundland musician is trying to track down a photo of the pair. [Read entire story]

Long before Google, Winnipeggers found answers in library’s Where File

There's a wonderfully quirky — and little known — information archive in downtown Winnipeg that predates Google and probably has more hidden secrets than the search engine giant. [Read entire story]

Drivers say confusing signs keeping them from leaving New Brunswick

Drivers heading to P.E.I. from Moncton are running into some confusion after changes to the highway near Shediac, part of a massive twinning project of Route 11 between Shediac and Miramichi. [Read entire story]

How Ozzy Osbourne helped a pizza delivery driver after car theft near infamous St. John’s home

Josh Cook was nearly off the rails on a crazy train, stuck in a financial dump after his car was stolen. But then, a surprise gift from his idol lifted his spirits. [Read entire story]

How the sex habits of mammoths and mastodons could help save modern elephants

New research finds that elephant relatives - mammoths and mastodons were successful in diverse environments and over such a large period of time because they were interbreeding – something the living elephant isn’t [Read entire story]

How a craving for misery took this man and 16 dogs to the last great race

The Brooklyn, N.S., native has run ultramarathons in South Africa, across the Sahara, and climbed the highest peak in North America. Now he's set to be the first Nova Scotian to race the Iditarod Dog Sled challenge in [Read entire story]

Keep your shirt on: St. John’s business launches T-shirt protesting FHRITP court ruling

When a St. John's judge ruled Justin Penton didn't break the law by yelling a vulgarity at a reporter, one business decided to change the script. [Read entire story]

Want to be Edmonton’s goat boss? Now is your chance

The city is looking for a candidate with the right kind of gruff to become Edmonton’s first official "goat co-ordinator." [Read entire story]

Man using smoke bombs to scare off skunks burns down Detroit-area home

Authorities say a man destroyed a suburban Detroit home while trying to use a smoke bomb to rid a crawlspace of skunks. [Read entire story]

Could you eat a 6-pound donair? 17 people have tried … and failed

Alexandra's Pizza in Sydney, N.S., has been challenging people to devour its massive donair, but no one has finished it after 17 attempts in the last five months. [Read entire story]

Australia’s Mulletfest 2018 will decide who has the most ‘glorious’ mane

The person with the most bonzer (excellent) mullet wins bragging rights and a chance to meet country singer and mullet aficionado Billy Ray Cryus. [Read entire story]

Saskatchewan family adorns farm fence with nearly 100 colourful bicycles

A farm family in southeast Saskatchewan is making their already unique property even more eye-catching. [Read entire story]

Puppy love: Honey and Pugsley tie the knot at Edmonton animal shelter

A pair of lonely shelter dogs who found true love at the Edmonton Humane Society were joined in furry matrimony Saturday night during the organization's inaugural Valentine's celebration. [Read entire story]

Winnipeg mall cleaner in viral video sings ‘for the joy of others’

In a video that has since gone viral on Facebook, Winnipeg mall cleaner Tristan Derksen is swinging a mop, but it might as well be a mic stand. [Read entire story]

The end of an era: Montreal milkman retires after 67 years

Arnaldo de Castris, 82, began delivering milk as a teen. The Notre-Dame-de-Grâce milkman never soured on the job. [Read entire story]

Watch a newborn octopus hatch from its egg

A remarkable video showing the birth of an octopus at the Virginia Aquarium has been viewed more than 2 million times on social media. [Read entire story]