Google parent Alphabet boosts revenue 21%

Google parent company Alphabet beat Wall Street expectations for its fourth quarter earnings Monday, but its stock slid in after-hours trading. [Read entire story]

Chinese tech company Huawei bringing faster internet to rural B.C., officials deny security concerns

The controversial company at the centre of a diplomatic dispute between Canada and China is also a major player in a project to bring faster internet to rural B.C., even though some fear public perceptions may the hinder [Read entire story]

The CEO died suddenly. Now this B.C. cryptocurrency shop can’t find $190M

Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange is due in court tomorrow as it seeks creditor protection in the wake of the sudden death of its founder and chief executive in December and missing cryptocurrency worth roughly [Read entire story]

‘Bond King’ Bill Gross to retire from Janus Capital

William H. Gross, the colourful bond investor who once controlled the world's largest mutual fund, is closing his professional career of more than 40 years and retiring to focus on managing his personal assets and [Read entire story]

GM begins layoffs with 4,300 white-collar workers, mostly in U.S.

General Motors began involuntary layoffs on Monday in Detroit, with about 4,300 white-collar workers among those affected across North America. [Read entire story]

Vancouver home sales fall nearly 40% in January as prices pull back

Vancouver's once red-hot housing market continued to cool last month as the number of home sales fell to the lowest level seen in January in 10 years. [Read entire story]

Ottawa says Ontario’s call to drop retaliatory tariffs would mean ‘surrender’

Ottawa dismissed a call from Ontario's economic development minister Monday to drop retaliatory tariffs against the United States, saying doing so would mean "unilateral surrender" to the Americans. [Read entire story]

In quest for better batteries, Tesla buys Maxwell Technologies

Tesla has agreed to buy energy storage company Maxwell Technologies for $218 million US in an all-stock deal that could help the electric car maker produce batteries that hold more energy and last longer at a time when [Read entire story]

HMV receives last-minute offer from Canada’s Sunrise Records

British music retailer HMV has received a last-minute offer to save the business, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, from Hamilton’s Sunrise Records. [Read entire story]

Pembina partners with Kuwait Petrochemicals for $4.5B upgrader

Pembina Pipeline Corp. says it is going ahead with its joint venture with Kuwait's Petrochemical Industries Co. to build an integrated propane dehydrogenation plant and polypropylene upgrading facility in Alberta. [Read entire story]

Big retailer will test reusable packaging to replace throwaway plastic in Canada

You will soon be able to buy juice, shampoo, laundry detergent, ice cream and toothbrushes in reusable, returnable, refillable metal and glass containers instead of single-use plastic, with a major retailer planning test [Read entire story]

Aquaponic chronic: Canadian company producing marijuana fertilized by fish

The unlikely combination of freshwater fish and cannabis is producing outsized medical marijuana crops that Green Relief Inc. aims to capitalize on, as the Canadian company plots a stock market listing and global [Read entire story]

The hits, misses, and surprises of this year’s Super Bowl Commercials

Here's a look at the best and worst commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl, with views from advertising industry leaders in the U.S. and Canada. [Read entire story]

Missing the points: Cardholders frustrated with PC Optimum

Bob and Carol Bye are among Canadians who continue to complain about stolen PC Optimum points. They said they were left "dumbfounded" after they discovered they were missing $300 worth of points. [Read entire story]

‘That’s just wrong': Air Canada backtracks on compensation after passenger gives up seat on overcrowded flight

A Toronto man is fighting back after Air Canada failed to honour a deal to compensate him with an $800 voucher for giving up his seat on an overcrowded plane. An air passenger rights advocate says broken promises are [Read entire story]

Unifor airs Super Bowl ad despite GM’s cease and desist letter

The union that represents workers at General Motors' Oshawa plant says the auto giant was trying to "strong-arm" it from airing a critical ad during this year's Super Bowl and on social media. [Read entire story]

Nissan pulls plans to make SUV in U.K., 2 months before Brexit

Nissan has cancelled plans to make its X-Trail SUV in the UK — a sharp blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May, who fought to have the model built in northern England as she sought to shore up confidence in the [Read entire story]

Hamburglar? N.S. woman baffled after someone in Montreal uses her My McD’s app

Lauren Taylor says she has no idea how someone in Montreal spent $483.65 using her McDonald's app. McDonald's says there was no security breach. [Read entire story]

Undercover in a nursing home, secret scalpers OK and ginger ale labels: CBC’s Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

CBC's Marketplace rounds up the consumer and health news you need from the week, including why telecom bills are going up, the latest food guide and bank records crossing the border. [Read entire story]

Canadian celebs making a big mark with Super Bowl commercials

A clever play on his name brings Michael Bublé a Super Bowl commercial this year with Bubly, the new water brand of Pepsi. This puts Bublé in an elite orbit of Canadian stars with spots in the big game. [Read entire story]

The trend toward tiny hits retail as stores deal with high costs in Toronto, Vancouver

Customers who don't work in the building that houses Kento Kitayama's tiny cafe near Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood better be prepared to settle for takeout. He can only take orders through a little window facing the [Read entire story]

Texting service used by schools complains about fees charged by Bell, Rogers

Two of Canada's largest mobile phone services are being targeted by a social media campaign launched by, a San Francisco-based company that provides a free two-way texting service for teachers, students and [Read entire story]

CEO of cannabis producer Aphria to step down, as company posts quarterly earnings

The CEO of a Canadian cannabis company recently targeted by short sellers will step down from an executive role at the company he helped found, but stay on the board. [Read entire story]

Canada’s major grocery chains slow to tackle the mounting problem of plastic waste

If single-use plastic packaging is increasingly frowned upon, why are Canada's biggest grocery chains filled with so much of it? Marketplace visits a supermarket in the U.K. that recently eliminated plastic packaging [Read entire story]

‘Horrendous’ bomb-defusing game for kids sold at Walmart offends some shoppers

A kids' bomb-defusing game sold in Canada at Walmart has offended some shoppers who find it inappropriate. In the U.S., Target has already stopped selling the item following complaints. [Read entire story]

Canola, chemicals and bees: Why Canadian farmers are fighting a proposed pesticide ban

Health Canada is following in the European Union's footsteps as it moves to ban the use of neonic pesticides due to concerns about their impact on bees and other wildlife. But many farmers are fighting to maintain the [Read entire story]

Lockout at one of Canada’s largest smelters drags into 2nd year, with no end in sight

Picketing workers claim management is using scabs. Management claims the smelter was unproductive. As the two sides bicker, the Quebec government is growing worried about the lengthy lockout at one of its largest [Read entire story]

How China’s electric car push is shaking up oil markets

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we speak to journalist Gregor Macdonald about why 2018 was a pivotal year for electric cars, and why more places are investing in floating solar panels. [Read entire story]

Shareholders sue Google parent company Alphabet, accusing it of covering up sexual misconduct claims

Two shareholder lawsuits filed this week accuse the board of Google parent Alphabet of playing a direct role in covering up sexual misconduct claims against two former executives over the last five years. [Read entire story]

Paul Godfrey steps down as Postmedia CEO as company announces $1.4M loss

Postmedia Network Canada Corp. announced Thursday that Paul Godfrey is stepping down as CEO and will be succeeded by president and chief operating officer Andrew MacLeod. [Read entire story]

Canada dusts off old message for new anti-tariff charm offensive

The prime minister's inner circle is ramping up another lobbying push in Washington to terminate American tariffs on steel and aluminum. [Read entire story]

As Bezos divorce unfurls, investors wonder — what does it mean for Amazon? Inc. shares seesawed on Thursday as investors questioned how the impending divorce of company founder Jeff Bezos would affect his control of the most valuable company on Wall Street and its ambitious expansion [Read entire story]

Fiat Chrysler agrees to U.S. diesel-emissions settlement worth $800M US

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV has agreed to a settlement worth about $800 million US to resolve claims from the U.S. Justice Department and state of California that it used illegal software that produced false results on [Read entire story]

Fed will be patient with rate hikes, Jerome Powell says

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the central bank has the ability to be "patient" in determining when to hike interest rates. [Read entire story]