Rosie DiManno: Nylander and Leafs get back to business

Tell them Willie Boy is here.Wait, wrong movie. This was more a Titanic epic, threatening to smash against the iceberg of negotiation deadline, sinking to the bottom of restricted free agency waters, whilst GM Kyle Dubas [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Police officer shot by another officer in Niagara has extensive disciplinary record

Two men with guns.One man shot possibly five times.In the “normal” course of violence, thoughts might turn immediately to gang-bangers, street crime, drug turf wars or a revenge hit.But these were both police [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Dellen Millard’s lawyer argues against third consecutive life sentence

Patricide, a father shot through the eye as he slept.Thrill kill, a stranger murdered when all he did was put his truck up for sale and the diabolical came knocking on the door.A young woman who had been a friend, kind [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: ‘Rape mythology’ at issue as Supreme Court considers brutal Cindy Gladue case

Warning: Graphic content follows.In a Toronto courtroom exactly a year ago, a forensic pathologist on the witness stand at a first-degree murder trial showed a slide — projected on the screen and magnified — [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Please, let us never go numb to murder

The potted flowers are still alive, placed atop linen-covered trestle tables.Blue and white balloons, tethered to weighted bricks, continue to waft in the breezes that drift across the open pavilion.Plastic cups stacked, [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Extreme intoxication is once again a valid defence for sex assault in Ontario

There is no law in Canada against getting hammered.But it’s certainly a criminal offence to, say, drive a vehicle while impaired by either alcohol or drugs, with penalties depending on harm caused.The individual is [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Kevin Anderson advances at Rogers Cup with a service game to sleep through

Couple of years ago, when Milos Raonic had the cheek, the gall, to beat Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final four, thereby denying tennis snobs a final with Andy Murray, the British media lost its nut.How dare he! [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Justin Trudeau, the virtuous feminist, has painted himself into a corner

I like the 2000 version of Justin Trudeau a whole lot better.Anodyne J.T.That Justin, chugging a stein of beer and seemingly wholly enjoying himself at the Kokanee Summit festival — attending the small B.C. town [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: It’s either murder or suicide in the case of the death of Wayne Millard

It’s the money, stupid.What money, genius?Not that the be-robed lawyers — “my friend” versus “my friend” —would ever stoop to the snappish snark in a first-degree murder [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Cultural appropriation? Sometimes a dress is just a damn dress

In Cairo I bought several cotton caftan dresses, nicely embroidered, long-sleeved and ankle-length but cool in the North African heat. They still serve me well.In Fiji, it was colourful sarongs, unisexual.In Beijing, [Read entire story]

Rosie DiManno: Loved ones, friends struggle to cope with news of deaths of Andrew Kinsman, Selim Esen

Deeper and darker than anybody had imagined.And the imagination had certainly run rampant in the Gay Village.Missing men, from years ago, and no one talked about them much anymore as time passed. Too much time gone [Read entire story]