What you need to know about Ontario’s new model for health care

It's being called Ontario's biggest health system reform in 50 years. But what will the new system actually look like for patients? [Read entire story]

Doug Ford’s van customization has $50K price tag, documents show

Customizing a van for Ontario Premier Doug Ford — with items that included a reclining leather sofa and a mini-fridge — would have cost taxpayers more than $50,000, according to documents filed in a court case. [Read entire story]

How will Doug Ford change the health-care system? Here are some answers

Increasing the number of beds in Ontario's health-care system won't on its own solve the problem of hospital overcrowding, says a report that will shape Premier Doug Ford's reforms. [Read entire story]

Scrapping sex-ed curriculum doesn’t violate Constitution, Ford government argues

The Ontario government's move to scrap controversial parts of the province's sex-ed curriculum in no way violates the Constitution or anyone's human rights, lawyers for the province will argue this week. [Read entire story]

Wondering who Doug Ford’s been meeting with? CBC News has found out

Unlike his predecessors as premier of Ontario, Doug Ford is not providing the media with a daily itinerary of his public events. So CBC News sought and obtained Ford's appointment schedule, using the province's freedom [Read entire story]

Patrick Brown spent nearly $300K on his MPP office in 2 months, documents reveal

Former PC leader Patrick Brown blew through more than $290,000 in office expenses in the final weeks before the June provincial election, according to a document obtained by CBC News. [Read entire story]

McGuinty aide David Livingston found guilty in gas plants trial

A top political adviser to former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty was found guilty Friday of criminal charges for wiping government computers following the cancellation of two gas-fired power plants. [Read entire story]

What PC campaign proposals say about Patrick Brown’s party

The Progressive Conservatives have revealed more than 100 policy ideas that will form the backbone of their campaign platform in next year's Ontario election. [Read entire story]

What is the legal weed market really going to be worth in Ontario?

When you look closely at the projections for recreational marijuana demand once pot is legalized in this country, you have to wonder what some of the analysts are smoking. [Read entire story]

Ontario businesses want corporate tax cut to offset $15 minimum wage

Businesses in Ontario are shifting gears in their opposition to the Liberal government's plans for sharply hiking the province's minimum wage by appealing for tax cuts to offset the added costs. [Read entire story]

Ontario regaining status as economic engine for Canada

Ontario's economy is surging after years of lagging behind the oil-producing provinces. [Read entire story]

Where will pot be sold in Ontario? ‘All options are on the table,’ attorney general says

Ontario's government has yet to decide how legalized recreational marijuana will be sold in the province, although Ottawa plans to give the provinces control over distribution. [Read entire story]

Ontario Liberals eyeing hydro rate cut in the range of 8 per cent: sources

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her cabinet are considering two key changes that could see hydro bills drop another eight per cent or more, multiple sources tell CBC News. [Read entire story]

Wynne said ‘no’ to Tory’s tolls, but may say ‘yes’ on housing

Toronto Mayor John Tory was sounding somewhat mollified on Monday after meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne, just days after she announced she's rejecting the city's reuqest to put tolls on the Gardiner Expressway and [Read entire story]

‘It’s equivalent to prescribing someone 150 Tylenol 3s a day’

More than 80 doctors in Ontario are under investigation after a new Ministry of Health database revealed they've prescribed unusually large amounts of opioids to patients. [Read entire story]

Ontario wants to phase out of natural gas for home heating: report

Ontario's Liberal government is not denying a published report that its long-awaited action plan on climate change aims to phase out the use of natural gas in both home heating and the electricity system. [Read entire story]

Ontario Liberal Party’s biggest corporate donor got $163M in government funding

The biggest corporate donor to the Ontario Liberal Party is also one of the biggest corporate recipients of government funding, CBC News has uncovered. [Read entire story]

Which way will Ontario’s PC party lean in choosing next leader?

Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party will announce its new leader Saturday after a leadership race that appears to have split the party between social conservatives and Red Tories. [Read entire story]