Oshawa aid groups struggle for funding in wake of GM collapse

As Oshawa struggles to cope with the impending GM closing, some of the city's charitable groups are being warned not to get their hopes up for continued grant funding. [Read entire story]

Car crash victim’s bid for a multi-million dollar payout gets new life after court ruling

A judge's finding that the head of a provincial government agency meddled in an insurance claim brought by a woman seriously injured in a car crash is grabbing the attention of other ruling bodies Ontario wide. [Read entire story]

Movers held Oakville woman’s stuff hostage for another deposit, she says

An Oakville woman's simple $250 move deteriorated into a $2,200 nightmare earlier this month, she says. [Read entire story]

A Mississauga councillor makes more than Toronto’s mayor. Why?

Figures made public by GTA municipalities last month show a wide disparity in the salaries being paid to councillors in areas outside Toronto, with some making as little $20,000 a year, and others topping $200,000. [Read entire story]

‘Hue and cry’ predicted if city goes ahead with plan to replace iconic Toronto Island ferries

The iconic Toronto Island ferries will begin sailing into permanent dry dock within two years, but the city's still not sure what they'll be replaced with, or how much the new fleet will cost. [Read entire story]

Why some tenants say new ‘suite-meter’ electricity pricing system is leaving a sour taste

There's growing concern among municipal politicians and tenants advocates about a relatively new practice by landlords called "suite metering" - and the issue's set to be discussed at city hall Friday. [Read entire story]

How a confrontation over the Confederate flag led to calls for a ban in Toronto

Toronto city council is set to discuss a call for a ban this week on the Confederate battle flag in public spaces stemming from a raucous confrontation during a festival in suburban Toronto this summer. [Read entire story]

‘Deception must end': Medical journal takes aim at natural remedies

An editorial in Monday's Canadian Medical Association Journal is calling on the federal government to crack down on natural health products, which the author argues are poorly tested and can do patients more harm than [Read entire story]

Live music venues to call for relaxed noise restrictions

Downtown condo dwellers who've long complained about late-night reveling may not be singing a very happy tune Monday afternoon. A city committee will be told that live music clubs should be allowed to make more noise, if [Read entire story]