Martin Regg Cohn: Kathleen Wynne’s day in Doug Ford’s kangaroo court

News flash: Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives won a thumping majority government on June 7.So why are the Tories still such sore winners?Someone should remind Doug Ford that he vanquished the New Democrats. And [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: PC bait and switch on climate change punishes Ontario taxpayers to pay off polluters

Within days of their June electoral triumph, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives proudly declared cap and trade dead. As per their campaign platform.Promise made, promise kept.Not to worry, the governing Tories [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Ontario’s Tories may surprise us — and themselves — with an apolitical plan to boost job-creation

Here’s some good news you might have missed:The Progressive Conservative government is finally doing the right thing — not so much the right-wing thing — on job-creation.Not by cancelling next [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Never mind the UN, here’s why Doug Ford can safely ignore climate change

Here’s an inconvenient truism: Timing is everything in our political environment. And time is running out on global warming.Don’t take my word for it. But don’t take Doug Ford’s word games at face [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Courts are catching up to Ford’s ‘unlawful’ ways

Doug Ford’s summertime show of shock and awe has gone shockingly awry.The rule of Ford has come up against the rule of law — and had its comeuppance in court. The premier who presumed he had unchallenged [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: My border encounter with a migrant family

“Canada … Canada?” she implored.The middle-aged mother clasped her hands together, begging for an answer to her humanitarian request: Which way to Canada? In her eyes, a look of desperation. On her [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Amid backlash, Ford goes into damage control

Doug Ford’s Ontario is open for business.And closing its mind to the world around us.See no sex-ed, hear no sex-ed, speak no sex-ed.By going back in time on sex education — to a time, two decades ago, without [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Beware a wedge against ‘illegal’ refugee claimants by Premier Doug Ford

One week in power, and Doug Ford’s government has declared war against Justin Trudeau.By taking aim at asylum claimants who cross into Canada.That was fast. Don’t shed a tear for the prime minister, who can [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Young people are paying attention to Ontario’s election

We know millennials don’t vote. Except when they do.When young voters wanted access to cannabis, Justin Trudeau harvested the low-hanging fruit, so to speak, in the last federal election. But that one-time feat [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Are Ontario’s MPPs losing their personal power?

The legislature’s longest-serving Speaker doesn’t customarily speak his mind, but Dave Levac can’t contain his thoughts any longer.With barely two weeks left in the ornate speaker’s chair, and an [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: A political miracle: four rival leaders rally for democracy

A sight never before beheld: Ontario’s rival party leaders coming together on campus — talking not only to students, but talking to each other.Thoughtfully, civilly, collegially.Despite a tense pre-election [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Doug Ford is not just setting the party’s agenda, he’s undoing it

You don’t have to wait until March 10 to find out who won the Progressive Conservative leadership race. We already have a victor.Never mind if Caroline Mulroney or Christine Elliott triumphs in the end. No matter [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Guilt in gas plants boondoggle disguises original sin

Guilty. Just not as first charged, nor for the original sins.What began in the 2011 election as petty (albeit pricey) politics has concluded just in time for the 2018 campaign. Will the sordid gas plants saga influence [Read entire story]

Martin Regg Cohn: Fighting a war of attrition on college campuses to the last student body

In short order, the longest strike ever at Ontario’s colleges is now history. Just in time for Christmas, we now have an arbitrator’s post-mortem:Pointless.With a few strokes of the arbitrator’s pen, [Read entire story]

How Patrick Brown’s Tories dodge wedge issues: Cohn

Thanksgiving is for wedges of pumpkin pie.But political wedges never go out of season, thanks to Queen's Park.A wedge issue is a well-known political trap to foment dissension. In the U.S., Republicans have long relied [Read entire story]

Will Ontario Tories go with Brown’s big tent or Scheer and the social conservatives? Cohn

A Tory is a Tory. Unless you live in Ontario, Canada — in which case it’s harder to tell which Tories stand for what.Federally, your new Conservative leader is Andrew Scheer, a backbencher who bided his [Read entire story]

NDP-Liberal battle for hearts and votes of progressives: Cohn

At Queen’s Park, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath unveiled details of an ambitious pharmacare program to provide major prescription drugs for Ontarians Monday.Simultaneously in Hamilton, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced [Read entire story]

Ontario’s top power couple are odd teammates: Cohn

Ontario’s premier power couple makes for an unlikely tag team.Premier Kathleen Wynne heralds her leftie roots, while ex-banker Ed Clark hails from Bay Street where right is might.Not quite birds of a feather [Read entire story]

How Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals can save their own skin: Cohn

How does Kathleen Wynne overcome her dismal popularity ratings?There’s no good answer, but here’s a better question: With or without Wynne, how do Liberals compete in the next election?Recurring speculation [Read entire story]