Crews on 12-hour shifts and ‘friendly tows’ part of effort to clear sidestreets of snow

Over the next week, city crews will be out clearing snow from residential and arterial roads and hauling the snow away to storage facilities. [Read entire story]

Ford government recommends Ontario school boards freeze hiring ahead of upcoming budget

"I am writing to you today to recommend that school boards exercise prudence in making hiring decisions in light of the upcoming Ontario budget," wrote the deputy minister of education in a memo to school boards. [Read entire story]

Egyptian-born Toronto man suing federal government after 17-year deportation fight

An Egyptian-born Toronto man and his family are suing the federal government following a 17-year legal battle during which Ottawa repeatedly tried to deport him for unproven ties to terrorism. [Read entire story]

Close-knit group of GTA anglers, volunteers continue search for missing fisher Kevin Wong

People from across the GTA continued their search for missing angler and boater Kevin Wong over the weekend, many of them part of the area's tight-knit sport fishing community. [Read entire story]

Ontario will spend $25M to combat gun violence in Toronto, Premier Doug Ford says

Ontario Premier Doug Ford committed $25 million in new funding Thursday to combat gun violence in Toronto, money that will in part be used to create what he calls "legal SWAT teams" dedicated to stopping those charged [Read entire story]

Do Canadians really pay more for milk?

The issue of supply management in the dairy industry reared its ugly head again this week, prompting many to ask whether Canadians really pay more for our milk. [Read entire story]

Why airport security chaos in U.S. could affect your travel plans

Former president George W. Bush created the Transportation Security Administration to keep travellers safe. Now it's being blamed for keeping travellers stuck in airports. [Read entire story]

Tech has a diversity problem — here’s how we can solve it

The tech world is facing an uncomfortable reality: it is dominated by white men. Gender parity and diversity are key to progressive innovation, so how do we create an industry that reflects our society? These Toronto [Read entire story]

Battle over bottled water is brewing as Californians target Nestlé, Walmart

The bottled water industry is in the crosshairs of critics who say corporations are exploiting California's "archaic" historically hands-off approach to water regulation at the expense of a precious resource. [Read entire story]

Rising CO2 levels threaten human nutrition, study says

Rising CO2 levels threaten human nutrition, study says

When carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reaches levels anticipated for 2050, some staple crops that many of the world’s poorest people depend upon for sustenance will become less nutritious, new research suggests. [Read entire story]